Formulated by renowned heart surgeon Dr. Steven Gundry, Lectin Shield is a unique blend of potent ingredients that bind to harmful lectins in your diet so they can’t attach to the cells of your body and cause leakages in your gut — which lead to illness and disease.

It also hinders the horrible effects of consuming lectins by helping to: promote regular bowel movements; reduce gas and bloating, manage weight, curb unhealthy food cravings, reduce joint and tissue pain, absorb more nutrients, boost energy, improve immune system protection, and strengthen the gut lining.

As a bonus, the ingredients in Lectin Shield can help you to fight fatigue, while they’re also brimming with antioxidant and anti-fungal properties. But before you can fully understand the power of Gundry MD Lectin Shield, you first need to understand a little more about why it’s important to protect your body from lectins in the first place.


Lectins are plant proteins found in much of the ‘healthy’ foods we consume. But first and foremost they’re a plant’s ultimate defense system.

All living things have some kind of defense mechanism to protect themselves from predators and continue the survival of their species. For humans it’s a fight or flight response. For plants, it’s lectins – toxic proteins that makes the predator sick so they won’t return to eat the plant. A pretty clear lesson, but one that humans unfortunately haven’t quite learned yet! Foods that are extremely high in lectins include:

  • All legumes – beans, lentils, peas, peanuts, cashews, soybeans, and all soy products
  • All grains – wheat, rice, corn, barley, oats, rye
  • Nightshade vegetables – like tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, and every type of pepper
  • Fruits and veggies that contain a lot of seeds – squash, zucchini, cucumbers, melons, string beans
  • Almost all seeds – pumpkin, sunflower, chia

But lectins can also find their way into your eggs and dairy because chickens and cows are fed such heavy diets of grain and soy.

You see, your digestive system is unable to fully break down these toxic proteins. Lectins are strong and bind themselves to the cells of the digestive tract, preventing the absorption of essential nutrients from the food that you eat. When humans experience lectin damage it often appears in the form of immune system disorders, digestive problems, weight gain, food allergies, or a leaky gut.

Dr. Gundry says that “Lectins are the one thing in our American diet that are making you fat, sick, and tired.”

But trying to eliminate all lectins from your diet is impossible. You can try to reduce them by avoiding certain foods or preparing foods in certain ways, but it won’t completely remove them.

And, that’s where Gundry MD Lectin Shield comes in.


Gundry MD Lectin Shield is made up of 9 powerful ingredients that work together to give you full lectin support. You take two capsules with your first meal of the day and then two more at dinner time. By taking Lectin Shield with food it’s able to effectively bind to the lectins in that meal. Each capsule contains:

1. N Acetyl D-Glucosamine
A wheat-lectin blocker that binds to lectins that have been associated with joint problems. It’s also a common ingredient in joint health supplements.

2. Bladderwrack
Bladderwrack is a potent seaweed that’s been shown to bind to those nasty, inflammatory lectins. But it also has wonderful antifungal properties, especially against Candida yeasts.

3. D-Mannose
This natural compound binds to specific lectins in legumes – like peanuts, beans, and lentils – while also being a natural antibacterial compound.

4. Okra Extract
Okra extract is a concentrated source of polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants. But it’s also full of raw polysaccharides (RPS), which can bind to multiple lectins. As a bonus it has natural anti-fatigue properties.

5. Mucin (Sialic Acid)
Sialic acid binds to multiple lectins, like those found in wheat and many types of berries.It also helps to form a slippery barrier that makes it impossible for lectins to stick to your digestive tract.

6. Sodium Alginate
A natural fiber that acts as a “fecal bulking agent” and can help to keep you regular.

7. Vegetable Peptase
Lectins can inhibit peptidase, a very important enzyme that breaks down proteins in food. Adding vegetable peptase to your diet can assist in protein digestion and hinder the effects of lectins.

8. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)
MSM can be powerful in reducing joint pain — especially when combined with N-Acetyl D Glucosamine, listed above.

9. Larch Arabinogalactans
Derived from the Larch tree, this compound nourishes and strengthens your gut lining. A stronger gut lining means better protection against lectin damage.


Gundry MD Lectin Shield has been formulated with all-natural ingredients. It should, therefore, be safe for daily use by most people. But of course, everybody – and every body – is different.

Lectin Shield should be used with caution if you suffer from a shellfish allergy or are concerned about excess iodine in your diet. N Acetyl D-glucosamine is an extract from the shells of shrimp and other shellfish, while bladderwrack seaweed contains natural concentrations of iodine.

As with any new supplement, it’s recommended that you consult your physician before taking Lectin Shield if you have any concerns.


• If you’re battling weight gain that doesn’t seem to budge

• If you suffer from painful gas and indigestion even when you eat healthy

• If you have persistent pain in your joints and muscles

• If you get uncontrollable cravings for bad foods

• If you’re constantly sick

You may, indeed, be suffering from lectin intolerance or overload.


Thousands of people are already achieving amazing results* from the healing power of Gundry MD Lectin Shield. Read some of their reviews below:

Gail S.

I’ve been using this product for a couple of weeks now. I really like the results. I’m usually good about my diet. But, it was Thanksgiving and I indulged in some foods that in past years have bothered my digestion (bloating, heartburn, stomach woes). This time I had no problems at all! I take Vital Reds, Primal Plants and Prebiothrive which have improved my life and gut a lot, but it took Thanksgiving dinner to showcase how much of a great addition Lectin Shield is to my digestion. I should have “paid” for the food combinations I ate, but I didn’t have a problem at all. I’m very glad I tried it! Thanks, Dr. Gundry!

Kathleen E.

I have been trying for a long time to heal my gut... I've been off gluten 2+ years, taken probiotics, prebiotics and various enzyme pills. Adding these to my routine seems to have been the missing piece to my puzzle. I will continue to use these at every meal along with my enzymes from now on!!!! THANKS FOR A GREAT PRODUCT.


I am using your products and love them. Cravings are subsiding. I no longer feel the afternoon crash. Lectin shield keeps me feeling balanced. Thank you!

Kevi V.

Feel better with some unexpected weight loss.

David K.

Lectin Shield has saved my life! I notice a HUGE difference in my digestion. All of my previous indigestion issues have been solved. The amazing thing is I'm eating even more food and I feel my body absorbing all the good nutrients and getting rid of the bad. Eating more, yet shredding fat and building muscles. I have more energy throughout the days and night. I am so happy I discovered this product. It is truly a miracle!! Thank you Dr. Gundry!!

Carol M.

When you are not digesting your food properly and thoroughly, you know it! Bloat, indigestion, gas and blah moods. But when your digestion is working and your bowels empty completely, man you feel 5 lbs lighter. Talking about one's bowels is not polite and yet, the truth is, if your bowels aren't working, you body is not healthy. I feel much better using Lectin Shield and my Vital Reds. So glad I have found Dr. Gundry!!!! Thanks!

Susan P.

I give this product 5 stars! I take it before breakfast & dinner & my digestive problems have gone away!

Susan P.

I give this product 5 stars! I take it before breakfast & dinner & my digestive problems have gone away!